Allah answers my supplication

  • 1 Allah answers my supplication

    It was narrated from Hittan bin 'Abdullah that Al-Ash'ari ( may Allah be pleased with him ) said:

    "The Messenger of Allah ( may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him ) addressed us and taught us our Sunnahs and our prayer. He said: 'When you stand for the prayer, make your rows straight, then let one of you lead the others. When he says the takbir, then say the takbir; when he says : "Wa lad-dallin" then say "Amin" and Allah (SWT) will answer you.

    When I bow, I intend that bowing is one third of the prayer, therefore, if one performed the prayer properly, it will be accepted and all his deeds may be accepted. Otherwise, if the prayer is rejected all the deeds will be rejected.